Pregnancy and Parenting After a Loss

Pregnancy and parenting after a loss is often HARD!  I know because I’ve been there and I work with women and couples who are also there.  One aspect often overlooked is the couple relationship.  We’re so focused on having a healthy pregnancy, keeping our baby alive in-utero and then in the outside world that we often lose track of our partner.  I know that happened in my relationship.  I remember a friend of mine, while I was pregnant with my second daughter, asked me what I thought about how I would want to parent. I think I nearly laughed in her face as I thought, “Really?!  Seriously?!  That’s only a concern if my daughter gets here alive and that might not happen.  I think I’ll about parenting later.  It’s enough that I am surviving my stress and anxiety on a daily basis.”  And now, in hindsight, I wish I could have heard her advice.

As I way to help strengthen my own support of pregnant women and their partners I became a certified Bringing Baby Home (BBH) trainer with the Gottman Institute last year.  BBH is an amazing, fun, interactive, research based program to help couples strengthen their relationship ideally BEFORE baby arrives (when you have more time and energy to put into thinking about this!).  I know it’s a HUGE leap of faith to even think about how you will parent when there are no guarantees this baby will get here alive.  But if you’re willing and able, my colleague and I will help hold your hands as you leap.  We will teach you skills to help your relationship weather the storm of parenting a living baby.  For many of us parenthood is not an easy road, and parenting after loss adds a whole other layer.  Below is more information about this training we will be doing in May, located in Boulder, Colorado.

And this workshop is for ALL couples, and everyone on their parenting journey.  We understand that every couple brings their own experiences to pregnancy and parenthood.


Bringing Baby Home – A Couple Workshop

Join us for an engaging and informative workshop to help strengthen your relationship BEFORE your baby comes (you know, when you have time and energy to do this!).

Even the strongest of relationships are challenged by the transition to parenthood.  The lack of sleep, changes in work, financial concerns and the laundry list of new baby related concerns and chores can lead to profound stress and decrease in relationship satisfaction – all of which affects baby’s care.  According to the Gottman Institute, 69% of new parents experience conflict, disappointment and hurt feelings that greatly affect their relationship.

Bringing Baby Home (BBH) is a research based workshop created by the Gottman Institute.  This workshop will help prepare your relationship for the transition to parenthood, and help you be the best parenting team possible.  In a supportive and relaxed environment we’ll discuss topics such as:

– preparing for the transition to parenthood

– how to avoid relationship meltdown and increase relationship satisfaction

– how to deal with stress and understand that stress is normal when a baby arrives

– the power of positive parenting

– parenting together

– couples and conflict: what happens when couples fight?

– emotional communication and children

– focus on fathers – the importance of keeping dads involved.

Sign up by April 17th to receive 10% off!!!


What:  Bringing Baby Home – A Workshop for Expectant & New Parents

Where: The Birth Center of Boulder: 2800 Folsom St, Boulder, CO

When:  Mondays May 9, 16, 23, & June 6 from 6:00-8:30 p.m.

Trainers:  Shelly King, MA, LPC – 303.502.4867 or

Brooke Vanek, MA – 303.912.0853 or

Cost: $300/couple.  Includes workbook and material

Visit us at:



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